BigData Lab

“All the data, all the time — to all the people.”

zenAptix (Pty) Ltd is a software development company founded in 2003. We have established ourselves as system integration specialist with clients in the Financial Services, Logistics, Telematics and Insurance industries. In July 2014, we established the BigData Lab in Stellenbosch where we attracted a team of talented Development/Operations, Integration and Data Analytics specialists. With access to talent from the regional universities and a well established innovation hub at the Stellenbosch TechnoPark, this environment has a proud record of developing solutions that address problems of both developed and developing economies.

We are Reactive

  • Responsive

    Honour response time guaranteed, regardless of load.

  • Resilient

    Scalability by avoiding contention on shared resources (Location transparency).

  • Elastic

    Resilient with the ability to recover at all levels (Supervision and Monitoring).

  • Message Driven

    Event driven components that ensures loose coupling, isolation and location transparency.